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Adapt for Life’s services include:

  • Child Behavior Assessments: We use both formal and informal assessments and observations to make the most effective interventions for your child.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy: We use evidence-based practices to assess how your child behaves in his/her environment. Then we work to help them learn new behaviors.
  • Individualized Services: We create individualized programs for your child based on their current needs including social skills training, vocational training, and independent living skills.
  • Behavioral Consulting: We provide behavioral consulting to parents, schools, hospitals, vocational centers, and many other places.
  • Parent Training: We provide ongoing parent training in the home setting as well as at our center. This ensures that your child continues to thrive and use learned skills across all environments.
Adapt for Life’s services

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses the scientific principles of learning and motivation in order to effectively teach children. It focuses on the idea that the consequences of what we do affect what we learn and what we do in the future. Adapt for Life provides a positive learning environment to help your child learn and grow!

Behaviors ABA Therapy Can Help Increase:

  • Language (i.e., requesting, tact/expressive, listening responder/receptive, following directions)
  • Limitation Skills
  • Gross/Fine Motor Skills
  • Visual/Perceptual Skills (e.g., puzzles, matching, sorting)
  • Activities of Daily Living (e.g., toileting, dressing, and brushing teeth)
  • Social and Independent Play Skills
  • Community Skills (e.g., crossing the street safely, grocery shopping and cooking)
  • Reading and Writing

Behaviors ABA Therapy Can Help Decrease:

  • Hitting
  • Biting
  • Screaming
  • Non-compliance
  • Any repetitive/stereotypic behaviors
  • And many more maladaptive behaviors